Baltit Fort


Baltit Fort was the recent palace of the Mirs of Hunza .

Baltit Fort was Associate in Nursing ancient fort was engineered 750 years past,It is set in Karimabad, Hunza Northern space of Pakistan.

The story goes that a blue blood from Baltistan married the native aristocrat and she or he brought in Balti masons, carpenters and craftsmen to create it and it. in line with native legends, three hundred laborers for the development of the Fort were additionally a part of the royal gift of the blue blood from Baltistan.

Stone, mud and timber solely were used for the development of the Fort, as a result of these materials were domestically out there, cheap, earthquake resistant, property, long lasting and adequate for thermal comfort.

The window frames doors and columns square measure in an elaborate way etched, Timber is employed for all the openings. The carving vogue originate from Kashmiri and Ladakh vogue.

Baltit Fort is seen from all sides of the Hunza depression because it is centrally situated on the highest of alittle hill.

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