Clock Tower, Faisalabad – Ghanta Ghar

Among all the historical places, Faisalabad tower is one amongst those places that ar still standing within the original condition. Faisalabad is that the town of Punjab, Pakistan|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} and is that the third metropolis in Pakistan and second in Punjab. It was antecedently referred to as city.
it’s one amongst the foremost industrial cities in West Pakistan. Faisalabad City plays a very important role within the economy and export of the West Pakistan. Faisalabad tower is one amongst the oldest historical sites that’s from the time of British rule standing in its original state. throughout the nineteenth century, British dominated abundant of the South Asia and that they engineered such a large amount of sites here and lots of of them don’t seem to be within the original state and ar ruined with the passage of your time.
However, one amongst the luckiest sites is that the tower of Faisalabad that exists in its original condition. British engineered this tower. Construction of this large tower was started on fourteen Nov 1903. the muse of this majestic clock was set by the Sir Charles Riwaz the governor of Punjab and a property owner of Mian family of Abdullahpur. The fund of eighteen RS per sq. of land was collected and to complete the project this fund was bimanual over to Municipal Committee.
This tower is placed within the recent a part of town and is extremely common within the whole country particularly in Faisalabad. This place is additionally employed by the city manager (nazim) of town on the festivals like Eid and national holiday UN agency deliver their speeches here. This tower clock is understood as Ghanta Ghar by the native folks of town that in English means that Hour House This tower adds the wonder and importance to town and is that the attraction for the folks visiting Faisalabad. This tower or ghanta ghar may be a landmark of Faisalabad that’s standing for quite a hundred years.

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