Deosai is that the combination of 2 words ‘Deo’ (giant) and ‘Sai’ (shadow). for hundreds of years, it’s believed that this place is haunted by giants, so the name ‘The Land of the Giants’ came into being. The Deosai weather in quite unpredictable here, generally it starts snowing in summer. daylight and clouds appear to play hide and request here, with the sun shining one minute, and overcast in next. This space remained uncrossable for ages owing to abundance of type of life here. Icy winds, thunderstorms, and presence of life build it not possible to dwell here even during this age, that’s why Deosai is usually unpopulated. Deosai incorporates a thunderous silence, a silence spanning over centuries. The silence is thus deep that one will hear his own heartbeat, unless a marmot’s whistle fills the natural depression. Deosai is found on the boundary of chain and also the western mountain chain, and at no purpose it’s but 4000 meters on top of water level that produces Deosai the 2d Highest tableland within the world. It remains lined with snow for eight months. the remainder of the year, it hosts a variety of lovely flowers of all hues and hues, however not one tree is found during this tableland touch 3000 sq. km. Deosai is additionally referred to as the sanctuary for chain Ursus arctos. Seeing Ursus arctos with its cubs may be a scene that everybody dreams to examine in Deosai. Its been known to photographed so much deeper into Deosai. far-famed habitation sites area unit Sheosar Lake and Barapani.

Reasons to Visit Deosai Plateau

There is no denying that Islamic Republic of Pakistan could be a land of pure beauty, and if you’re wanting to possess some eccentric travel experiences this summer, keep Deosai tableland at the highest on your travel list.
Situated on the frontier of the Karakorum and also the Himalaya at four,000 meters on top of water level, Deosai is legendary for variety of experiences it’s to supply guests.
So, let’s unveil the highest eight reasons why Deosai is value a visit:

Supreme Tranquility:

Deosai highland boasts AN unmatched degree of silence, peace and serenity. The silence is extraordinarily intense, most in order that you’d hear your own heartbeat. If you visit the natural depression within the begin of Sep, you’ll see and skill primary the peace introduced into the soul of this highland by the frosts, creating your trek an interesting expertise. the realm is uninhabited; due to the ability of nature- the range of life, downpours, icy winds and unpredictable climate have unbroken folks from sinking down for good during this a part of the globe for hundreds of years currently.

Majestic Grassland:

The Deosai highland is large, high piece of ground contact three,000 sq. kilometers. If you’ve ne’er been to Deosai, likelihood is you’d be thinking that the realm should be home to trees and shrubs. re-evaluate, as a result of Deosai could be a terribly plain space, destitute of trees and shrubs. the plush inexperienced meadows area unit home to numerous flora and fauna.

Mesmerizing Sheosar Lake:

Deosai is home to the attractive Sheosar Lake, that is one amongst the high altitude lakes within the world. The deep blue water of the lake can virtually mesmerize you. the attractive, natural covering peaks within the environment, and also the inexperienced grassland with lovely flowers within the focus provide splendid views in summer. I bet it, you’ll not solely subtract superb reminiscences, however conjointly treasure the reminiscences forever. If the weather supports, you’ll conjointly get epic views of mountain peak – the killer mountain.

Rich Wildlife:

Deosai was declared a park in 1993. Today, the Deosai park boasts a spread of life, together with a combination of the terribly rare brown bears, chain Golden eagles, red foxes, marmots, white tigers, ibex, hamster, snow leopards and what not. it’s value mentioning here that the bruin found in Deosai is that the one most wanted by poacher. If you’ve got love for life, the Deosai park has them for you to witness primary. check that to require binoculars on.

Alpine Flowers:

Another captivating attraction of Deosai tableland is its large turf of alpine flowers. You’d be surprised to grasp that this flower land is that the biggest within the Karakorum and western Himalaya ranges. You’ll see the infinite carpet of alpine flowers as so much as you’ll be able to.
The blooms offer the world AN ambiance of combine colours, as well as purple, reddish, yellow, pink, red and blue. the foremost widespread flowers found in Deosai embody adenocaryum anchusoides, Aster, primerose, flannel mulmein and pedicularis bicornuta, cranesbill, eritrichium sp, knotweed, pedicularis, Pseudosedium condensatum, pseudomertensis motikoide and range of mountains sedum.

Mountains, Glaciers and Water:

If you’re associate journey lover, the nice news for you is that some epic attracts surround Deosai highland, together with cover mountains, glaciers and recent, spring water. The life, climate, flowers, piece of ground and serenity of the highland combined with the encircling mountains, coruscant glaciers and crystal clear water watercourses build this place a heaven on earth. native folks from the near villages square measure typically seen gregarious their bovine within the piece of ground, that includes a totally organic way.

Unpredictable Weather:

The weather at Deosai tableland is extremely fickle. don’t panic once the sunny day suddenly changes to cloudy, followed by rain or thunderstorms, so successive minute you discover yourself during a sunny land once more. rather than freaking, get pleasure from the moments dropped at you naturally on the highland of distinctive experiences. However, it’s suggested that you simply take on a jacket, associate degree overcoat associate degreed an umbrella to traumatize the suddenly ever-changing weather.


For a fishing lover, Deosai could be a heaven. You’ll come upon ample opportunities for fishing within the streams on the upland. The water streams and is derived of Deosai square measure jam-choked with the much-coveted trout fish. this can be the explanation why bears have created Deosai their home. you’ll even notice an enormous catch within the springs and streams. and so there’s the Sheosar Lake wherever you’ll cherish some fishing expertise and satisfy your looking for massive trout fishes. Don’t forget to require on a rod.
In a shell, Deosai could be a highland of wonderful experiences, starting from its serene atmosphere, wealthy life, alpine flowers, water streams, mountains, lake, glaciers and distinctive, unpredictable weather to the savor of its trout fishes. No doubt, you’d earn some persistent and unmatched recollections from this piece of ground that lies on the ridge of the Karakorum and Himalaya mountain ranges within the Gilgit-Baltistan region of West Pakistan. it’s vital, however, to stay in mind that Deosai is accessible solely in summer.

Getting there:

Deosai is accessible from 2 sides; Astore vale and Skardu vale. solely 4×4 jeeps ar counseled for this jolting road. Its 50km off from Skardu town and 70km from Astore town. Road conditions ar higher kind astore aspect. Road is comparatively made-up and fewer steep. July-Novemeber is sometimes wheather window to access the world’s ordinal Highest Plains.

Location Map

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