Doctor Ruth Fao, Pakistani mother Tresa


On September the ninth, 1929, Ruth Katharina Martha Pfau was conceived in Leipzig Germany. Situated around one hundred and fifty kilometers south of Berlin, Leizpig was a city of culture, music, distributing and a focal point of exchange since the times of the Holy Roman domain. She was fourth among her five sisters and had a solid fellowship with her dad Walther Pfau, who was a white collar class man related with the distributing business.

She grew up observing the revulsions of world war two. Her dad sent her and her sisters to her grandma’s home, which was in a generally safe territory. Her darling city was shelled and caught after wild urban battle by American powers.

Leizpig was given to the Soviets and was a piece of East Germany.

Because of basic financial states of socialist controlled East Germany, her lone more youthful sibling passed on. Ruth invested her energy taking care of the wiped out. She needed to think about however her application for confirmation in school was rejected.

Walther Pfau wrongfully relocated to West Germany and at the end of the day got joined with distributing business. When he turned out to be all around settled in Wiesbeden, he called his girl Ruth Pfau in 1948 to come to West Germany. For this, she needed to cross the fringe illicitly and keeping in mind that doing as such, she was gotten yet a German trooper let her go. After some time, the whole family relocated to Wiesbaden.

Her dad needed her to help him with his distributing business yet obviously she had no enthusiasm for that.

Her experience of taking care of the harmed warriors and displaced people motivated her to consider medication. For this, she considered in the University of Mainz and a short time later in college of Marburg. Later she spent significant time in gynecology from Bonn University and began her work as an internee.

She met a wide range of individuals amid that time and her involvement with them motivated her to help out mankind. She turned into a religious individual amid that time and later in 1956, she ventured out to Paris and turned into a pious devotee and joined the request “little girls of heart of Marry” in spite of resistance from her dad.

Landing in Pakistan

The ailment of sickness (جذام) was available in underdeveloped nations not at all like the created nations and as it was a skin illness, the patient was normally left powerless by his relatives and even in situations when relatives kept the patient, he or she was allowed to sit unbothered in a seperate space for more often than not. Childern particularly were avoided the patient. In Karachi, one such state or a ghetto of uncleanliness was available in a territory of McLeod street in which just leepers lived in horrifying and hopeless conditions.

The Leprosy work was begun in 1956 by a gathering of conventional individuals in the ghetto quarters of McLeod Road behind the present JANG press. The main names of the primary volunteer gathering were Mrs. Beatrix Menezes, Sr. Bernice Vargas, Dr. Anne Rochs and Sr. Mary Doyale. The living state of the Lepers Colony was sub-human. There were no legitimate medications to treat Leprosy, no offices, no power, no water however a little dispensary which the gathering had built up with the assistance of wooden cases. Sewage water blended with all the rubbish and stench flooding from the open channels and the long lines of individuals who had lost their nobility on account of being influenced by Leprosy, and to add to the distress were a few patients whose hands and feet wound up plainly nutritious supplements for rats. Regardless of every one of these difficulties the gathering began the battle against Leprosy. The gathering used to direct all their work from the dispensary. Help used to come, as swathes and sustenance for patients from different benefactor offices.

In 1960, the request chose that Ruth be sent to it’s branch in India yet because of some visa issues, she was advised to get to Karachi first and after that India.

Subsequent to arriving in the hot climate of Karachi to which Ruth Pfau was not used to, she setteled in young ladies inn in GuruMindar. It was there, where she met the Maxican starting point sister Bernice Vergas who was a pharmist. Vergas welcomed Ruth to visit the disease patients province.

On her initially visit to the Leprosy patients’ state, she got discouraged with the circumstance and eventually chose to remain in Pakistan to help the influenced Leprosy patients. As she knew minimal about infection so she counseled books on disease before leaving for Madras, India for short courses. In the wake of coming back from India, she immediately rearranged the harsh cut dispensary into a legitimate healing facility building – a full administration Leprosy treatment and restoration focus, allowed to patients.

Many individuals considered infection as the discipline of God and loathed the patients. Claim blood relatives of leepers would allow them to sit unbothered and would not touch them. Much of the time, the relatives would leave the patient in leepers state to kick the bucket and would not do the last customs of the perished. Commonly the leepers burried and offered namaz e jinazah of a dead themselves as the possess relatives of the expired would reason to burry him. Despite what might be expected, Ruth touched the patients, embraced them and kissed their brows.

After some time, a German day by day distributed Ruth’s story and a short time later, “German infection alleviation affiliation” began financing her.

As the news of the work spread, there were a few specialists who approached and offered their intentional administrations at consistent interims, among them was a dermatologist, Dr. Zarina Fazelbhoy, who till 1997 was related with “infection control program” and extremely dynamic with gathering pledges exercises of the Center. Because of her genuine sickness was not able proceed and lapsed in February 1999.

Dr. Pfau envisioned the need to set up a Leprosy healing facility keeping in mind the end goal to take into account the requirements of the numerous patients going by the dispensary. With the assistance of assets from Germany in 1963 a little facility was procured in Saddar range near the Passport Office. While moving dispensary to Saddar a considerable measure of resistance from the neighbors was met because of the shame of Leprosy in the general public however on account of the tirelessness of Dr. Pfau and Dr. Zarina the little begin in a one storied building mushroomed into a 8 storied Medical Building. In 1965 Pfau’s group begun “disease control program” which was to grow the battle against uncleanliness to the whole nation.

Since that time the work developed quick and little treatment focuses were built up in Karachi and all finished Pakistan, preparing for paramedical laborers and social specialists were given and wellbeing training began to get once again preferences and dread.

Dr.Pfau went to the far away zones of Pakistan where there were no medicinal offices for infection patients. She gathered gifts in Germany and Pakistan and collaborated with clinics in Rawalpindi and Karachi.

In 1968, Dr. Pfau influenced the Government of Pakistan to attempt a National Leprosy Control Program in organization with MALC(Marie Adelaide infection focus) and started setting up Leprosy-control focuses the nation over.

In Zia’s time, she was designated president’s counsel on infection control, an arrangement which she held till 2000. In 1988, in acknowledgment of her administrations, she was granted Pakistani citizenship. As indicated by Pfau, her recommendations were considered important and legislature of Pakistan collaborated with her.

In 1989 Dr Ruth Pfau went by Afghanistan and began her endeavors against uncleanliness there separated from fighying infection in Afghan displaced person camps in Pakistan. She was regarded wherever due to her work.

Today, Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center is the center of 157 Leprosy control focuses, with more than eight hundred staff individuals.

Because of the endeavors of Dr Ruth Pfau, Dr Zarrina FazlBhoy and MALC, Pakistan was pronounced uncleanliness in 1996.

The predominance of the malady decreased to the degree that the World Health Organization pronounced the ailment to be under control in Pakistan, one of the main nations in EMRO Region to accomplish this objective.

Dr Ruth was extremely dynamic in partaking in the help exercises in the result of 2005 tremor and 2010 surges.

Dr Ruth Pfau distinguishes herself as a Pakistani, wears Pakistani dress shalwar kameez as it were. Says that if she somehow managed to be conceived once more, she would be conceived in Pakistan. Dr Ruth likes German writing and daily papers however avoids TV. She loved the motion picture khuda kay liyay. The news of bomb impacts and killings in Pakistan concern her profoundly.

Following decorations and honors were given to Dr Ruth Pfau in acknowledgment of her administrations

1968: The Order of the Cross from Germany.

1969: Sitara-e-Quaid-e-Azam from Government of Pakistan

1979: Hilal-e-Imtiaz from Government of Pakistan

1985: The Commanders Cross of the Order of Merit with Star from Germany

1989: Hilal-e-Pakistan from Government of Pakistan

1991: Damien-Dutton Award from USA

1991: Osterreischische Albert Schweitzer Gasellschaft from Austria

2002: Ramon Magsaysay Award from Government of Philippines

2003: The Jinnah Award from the Jinnah Society Pakistan

2003: In The Name of Allah Award by Idara Wiqar-e-Adab Pakistan

2004: Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from Aga Khan University

2004: Life-time Achievement Award from the Rotary Club of Karachi

2005: Marion Doenhoff-Prize, Germany

2006: Life-time Achievement Award from the President of Pakistan

2006: Woman of the Year 2006 Award by CityFM89

2006: Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Health

2009: Nesvita Women of Strength Awards by TVONE

2009: Life-time Achievement Khidmat Award by Al-Fikar International.

On eighth March 2010 she finished her 50 years in Pakistan. Her devoted administrations and sense of duty regarding destroy Leprosy and inspire of Marginalized bunches in Pakistan thankfully recognized and respected by both her national and global companions and by patients and staff at MALC.

nineteenth February 2010 – The Hamdard University Karachi composed a fantastic capacity to pay tribute to Dr. Pfau at their University Campus which went to by eminent VIPs.

sixth March 2010 – The Consulate General of Germany in Karachi composed a music show via Carolina Eyck and her gathering to pay tribute to Dr. Ruth Pfau at his living arrangement.

seventh March 2010 – Patients and Staff commended a night with Dr. Pfau

eighth March 2010 – Supporters and well wishers commended the day with Dr. Pfau

tenth March 2010 – The Health Minister Sindh facilitated a lunch and introduced a shield

nineteenth February 2010 – Hamdard University (Madinat-al-Hikmah) to recognize her lifetime caring administrations to the general population of Pakistan.

eleventh March, 2010 – Shield exhibited by Dr. Saghir Ahmed, Minister Health, Government of Sindh for fulfillment of 50 years of Selfless and Meritorius Service for the Patients of Leprosy.

twelfth March, 2010 – Shield exhibited by Staff and Students of Happy Home School in valuation for a long time of meritorius administrations for the Eradication of Leprosy in Pakistan.

twelfth March, 2010 – Shield displayed by Dawood Capital Management Limited on winning the LADIESFUND Woman of the Year Award.

second February, 2011 – Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 displayed by the International Schools Educational Olympiad, orgaised by Karachi High School.

twelfth February, 2011 – LADIESFUND lady of the Year Award.

23rd March, 2011 – “Nishan-i-Quaid-i-Azam” Award displayed by the President of Pakistan.