Fawara Chowk Bahawalpur


A picture of Fawara Chowk this exposure is taken within the destination of Bahawalpur within the province of geographical area within the country of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

British Victoria bestowed an impressive fountain to ruler Sadiq Abbasi in 1916. The fountain is ten feet high. The peripheral pool is adorned with heads of animals from where water gushes out making a rainbow.

It was specially transported from London to city by ship so to Bahawalpure by road. This fountain was 1st pasted in Sadiq Garh Palace – the residence of ruler however in 1918 the ruler got it put in ceremonially within the centre of town.

The place wherever the fountain was originated later became noted landmark of town referred to as Fawara Chowk. The ruler himself supervised the inserting of fountain and inaugurated it once completion. it’s been a offer of aesthetic pleasure for the tourists still as a result of the residents. Such area unit the items that create the cities additional livable . The ruler accustomed visit the place to determine fountain till he died in 1963.

Location Map

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