Gulzar Palace Bahawalpur


Gulzar Mahal is situated in Bahawalpur Punjab, Pakistan. On 19th of May, 1904 Nawab Bahawal Khan  approved to establish some more palaces including Gulzar Palace, Darbar Mahal and Gulzar Mahal are supported stunning buildings having too several doors.

The rooms area unit embellished with fabulous piece of furniture and spectacular carpets.
The doors area unit lined with elegant lushly curtains of maroon color. All of walls area created of marble and therefore the roofs area  created of mosaic. The large lamps placed within the palace have raised its loftiness.

There is massive gallery with the most hall that was used as associate gallery containing rare norms times past.
Today this gallery doesn’t contain any norms however some rare photos of the previous rulers of the State of Bahawalpur unit of measurement displayed on its walls.
For a protracted time this palace was in use of the son (Nawab Abbass Abbassi) of the governor. Now this palace is used as an Army office. The total area of this Palace is 34 acers.

Location Map