Halwa Puri


Halwa Puri ar thought of as a really delicious and famed breakfast in Asian nation.

The dish historically includes skinny, deep-fried, overestimated bread (puris), served with halwa (a sweet ready generally with flour, ghee, sugar and generally fancy with nuts), and a gently spicy curry of chickpeas and potato.

A variation is 2 separate curries rather than one: chickpeas and aaloo ki bhujia. a number of old-school cooks serve halwa puri with mango pickle and sliced onion. And if had for breakfast, this meal isn’t complete while not a glass packed with sugared lassi (yoghurt-milk drink).

Not the healthiest option to begin your day with some could say, however it’s halwa puri, and you’re allowed to cheat once in an exceedingly whereas.


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