Katas Raj Temple


Katas raj Temple is found concerning sixteen kilometers (10 miles) from Kallar Kahar on the road between Kallar Kahar and Choa Saidan crowned head, in District Chakwal of province Punjab, Pakistan. It is set regarding forty kilometers from town of Chakwal creating it a well-liked traveller place among individuals of Chakwal.
Basically, Katas raj could be a temple advanced consisting seven ancient temples referred to as Satgraha, some temples of middle ages and some recently constructed temples. The oldest temple dates back to 6th century A.D. All these temples ar engineered around a pool acknowledged holy to Hindus.
In the mountains of Pothohar Plateau, these Hindu temples are famous worldwide. A large range of individuals happiness to Hinduism visit these temples every year to perform their non secular practices and rituals. The lake within the center of temples is taken into account holy among Hindus as a result of they believe it’s stuffed by the tears of Shiva and taking bathtub during this lake provides forgiveness to sins.
It is aforementioned previous name of Katas dominion was Kataksha, which in classic Sanskrit means “God’s Tears”. A visit to Kataj dominion Temple provides nice info regarding the history of religions and regarding Hinduism. It would be better to take some time to visit Kalar Kahar Lake nearby for spending a picnic and boating.
The Katas dominion Temples ar attributed to the eras of the Hindu Shahis (kings) qualitative analysis from concerning 615-950 atomic number 58 and ar dedicated to Lord Shiva.
As such they represent one amongst the foremost necessary Hindu journey sites in Asian country and ar still in use to the present day by members of the Hindu community each in the country and people United Nations agency create the journey there once a year from abroad.
It is believed that the location was visited by the Pandawa brothers of “Mahabharta” fame and this advanced of temples was created to commemorate their visit. It is aforementioned that this is often the region referred to as Dvaitavana within the epic and here is wherever the Pandawas lived throughout their exile and additionally wherever the series of questions occured between the Pandawas and the Yakshahs.
The location of the Sath Ghara or Seven Temples is alleged to be the place wherever the Pandawas created their home throughout their twelve year exile. A Brahmanical story relates this website on to Shiva, whose disconsolate grief at the death of his woman Sati junction rectifier to a rain of tears that shaped 2 pools of water, one at Pushkara close to Ajmer and therefore the different at Katas.

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