Do You Know About Pakistan ? This Is Real Pakistan


Do You Know About Pakistan ?

Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. Where 98% Muslims Lives And 2% Minorities we Have.

All Other Religious Are Independent To Performs Their Religious Aspects As well in Pakistan.

  • We Have Class In All Aspects Of Life.
  • We Have 7th Largest Army In The World And Largest One In Islamic World.
  • We Play Games. Our National Game Is Hockey, 3 Times Olympic Champion In Hockey, We Have Best Cricket Team In The World, And We Play a lot Of Other Games.
  • We Manufacture Sports Goods Like Footballs, Cricket Balls, Bats etc. FIFA Footballs And 50% Worlds Footballs Have Made In Pakistan.
  • We Have Also a Entertainment Industry (Lollywood) We Makes Movies Since 1948, And Dramas As Well Which Are Most Popular In The World.
  • We Are a Nation That Have Most Attractive Mens And Gorgeous Personalities.
  •  We Have a Largest Fashion Industry That Compete The World At all Fashion Forums. Our National dress is Shalwar kameez.
  • We Have Our Own Culture, The Culture Which Are Exploring  Us In The World As Different Nation. The Kalash Vally’s Culture Is Most Famous That Attract The People Across The World. Pakistan’s truck Art Have Its own Identity In The World
  • We Have Finest Music Industry As well In The Whole World, Our Most Popular Legends  Like Noor Jahan , Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan , Ustad Amanat Ali , Rahat Fateh Ali Khan These People Identify Himself In The World As A Pakistani Singer.
  • We Have a Punjabi Bhagnra Dance That Is Most Popular In South Punjab, And Other Provincial Dances Are As Well.
  • Pakistan Is a  Most Peaceful Country And Pay a Great Roll For Peace In Asian Region That Accept The World. Pakistan Always Spoke For peace With His Intense Enemies.
  • Pakistan Is The World’s 7th Largest Pool Of Scientist And Engineers
  •  Pakistan Is Home For Worlds Most Ancient Archaeological Sites Like Moenjo daro , Harappa ,Taxila , Kot Diji , Mehar Garh , Takhat Bhai ,Juniper Shaft Cave , The Murghagull Gharra Cave And Mughall Saa Cave.
  • We Have Also Nobel Prize Winners, Dr. Abdus Sallam And Malala YousafZai.
  • Pakistan Is The 2nd World largest Textile Exporters.
  • We have A Number Of Universities That Produces A Number Of Engineers, IT Professionals, Business Professionals, And Many more, We Have Also International Standard Medical Colleges. Pakistan Produces 445000 Students Graduates Yearly.
  • We Have a Strong Defense Ability, We Produce Jets, Tanks And High Tech Weapons For Our Defense.

Think Before Calling Pakistan As Terrorist State, We Are Fighting Hard Against Terrorism. Now Pakistan Is A Terror Free State Alhumdulillah. Pakistan Is Now Moving towards The Better Developments And Growing day By days. We Prove Our Self  Among The World As a Peaceful Nation and friendly Relationship With All over the World. Pakistan is a most beautiful Country That have a 2nd largest mountain K2, Worlds second beautiful capital and most beautiful valleys in northn Areas. Now Pakistan’s government Takes Steps Sincerely For The Development Of Tourism. This is The real Pakistan That Have Not Explored Before In The World By Foreign Media and Other International Forums.

I Request All Of you Please Change Your Perceptions About Pakistan. So Please Visit The Pakistan first And feel Its Peace And Beauty and Then make an Argument About Pakistan.


  1. Good to know about our country. I feels so proud to born in Pakistan. ALLAH BLESS OUR COUNTRY. Nice work Brother,keep it up.

  2. you are doing great job it is just amzaing platform to know about our country i love each and every post of yours.. proud to be a pakistani.. ❤ Allah Bless our country ..

  3. I Have never seen such information about pakistan at one place, U do a great Job To Define Pakistan Keep It Up.
    Allah Bless Pakisstan