Leepa Valley, Muzaffarabad-Azad Kashmir

leepa valley

Leepa Valley is located 45 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. A reasonable climate street leads towards Leepa from Nail  which slants over Reshian Gali 10500 feet high and afterward it dives to 5500 feet  into the Leepa Valley. The valley has many superb eye-catching scenes. Leepa is the most delightful and enchanting spot for visitors in Azad Kashmir. The person who visit this valley can only with significant effort turn out from the supernatural position of the excellence of this valley. The green piles of the valley are loaded with pine trees and present a beguiling and pleasant view to guests. During the Winter Leepa valley Is Covered With Snow. Leepa valley stays open for the residential vistors just among May and November. Tourist From all Over The World came to this village during summer to enjoy enjoy the delightful weather  The attractive Leepa Valley covers many towns the most famous among them are Leepa, Reshian, Dao Khan, and Chananian. Every one of these towns similarly add to an awesome collection of examples Mother Nature has so lavishly and complicatedly created here in this piece of Azad Kashmir.


Located 67 kilometers west of Muzaffarabad it is likewise the section point to the valley of Leepa. It is 1674 meters (5492 ft) above ocean level. From Reshian onwards one needs to lease jeeps to head out to Leepa Valley and every one of the spots around.

Dao khan:

75 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, Dao khan is notable for its exceptional common excellence. Dao Khan is perceived for its tranquil, quiet and cool condition, exceptional picturesque magnificence and all encompassing perspectives.


Chananian is Located opposite to town Leepa close to the Line of Control (LOC) at an elevation of 2226 meters. It is around 60 kilometers from Naily and is encompassed by wide pine backwoods and Nullah Qazi Naag streaming close by.



Most interesting valley in Azad Kashmir, Leepa spell limits everybody who visits this valley. Leepa Valley offers a ceaseless assortment of grand staggering magnificence, an everlasting memory of sights and sounds and the remarkable accommodation of its kin

Water in the valley is perfectly clear and quickly streaming streams like Nullah Qazi Nag are a important source. The Nullah rises up out of Indian engaged Kashmir and goes through the entire of Leepa Valley. On the opposite side of the LoC, lies Kupwara region of Occupied Kashmir.

Leepa is likewise well known for its  typical Kashmiri style architecture, for the most part as 3 storied wooden houses. A glance at the houses here causes one to accept, Leepa as a genuine expansion of Indian involved Kashmir into Pakistan. The individuals of Leepa are profoundly strict and speak Kashmiri just as Hindkoh. Urdu is in any case generally spoken and comprehended. The valley has a populace of around 75000 residents who for the most part enjoy cultivating, steers raising and the travel industry related administrations. Joblessness and destitution are widespread. Force deficiencies are an every day schedule and lack of healthy sustenance is normal as in rest of the nation.

Everywhere throughout the valley, there are high pecan trees including yellow, red and orange hues to the landscape, there are likewise yellow herbs and bushes tucked pleasantly into green vegetation containing enormous conifer trees, change up this wonder of changing hues during fall in the valley.

The heaven like smaller than expected Kashmir in Leepa has various water driven flour processes, the main sort of industry in the valley.

Multistoried run of the mill Kashmiri timber houses with thick rooftops made of sparkling metal sheets, in an encompassing of apple, pecan, fig, pears and plum trees resemble gems in a crown. Leepa is acclaimed for its flavorful white nectar too.

The red Kashmiri rice is developed in October by the ranchers in Leepa. This is likewise the staple nourishment for the individuals of the zone. Husking of rice is done in a customary manner by first beating the rice stack with long sticks, from that point, sifted along incidentally built trench.

The most noteworthy pinnacle is Shamasa Bari, which stays snowbound consistently.

Apple is developed in the valley in its various assortments, most famous being Golden, Delicious and Kala Kullo King. These assortments have a one of a kind, profoundly enticing flavor and taste similar to none. Pecan is another natural product developed in the valley. It also ages in early fall when it is gathered, deseeded and afterward sent to down nation markets.

A town senior tells “We can’t cover the dead. In the event that anybody in the family bites the dust in winter, we should hang tight for around four months to cover our dead, since it’s conceivable just when all the snow has dissolved”. So while during the visitor season, this spot offers one of the most entrancing views to the voyagers, life for local people is very troublesome during the unforgiving winters when snow covers everything. Local people need to store nourishment ahead of time so as to endure, day by day tasks are influenced and the absence of framework brings numerous troubles for local people.

In spite of the fact that poor in foundation and no industry worth its name, nature has given breathtaking magnificence to this valley that can outperform even created zones of the fields if just its travel industry possibilities were misused without limit.