Liberty Square Day and Night Shots


Just driving around the Liberty Square (Chowk), one cannot understand the importance of the glamorous existence of this landmark. Thousands of vehicles play around this square daily to find their destinations but this land mark is hardly the destination of anyone. You need to stop by this place, park your vehicle some place and look around to understand it well.

The Liberty Square, as its name does offer its premises for the open expression. Whenever there is a political, national or regional issue, people gather around this place to exhibit their feelings. There was an ice bar in it some years ago but due to difficult access to it, it has been closed.

After the incident of March 3, 2009, when Sri Lankas national cricket team was assaulted by terrorists, this place is considered sensitive also. Construction of the Parking Plaza by the Punjab Government has improved the usefulness of this commercial area during the past year.

These shots were taken from the Liberty Parking Plaza.

Location Map