Naltar Valley – Gilgit Baltistan



Naltar Valley is Located in the north-west of Gilgit-Baltistan the fifth region of Pakistan (The Doorway of the World) and (The Township of the mountains). Naltar Valley is 40 km from Gilgit city over the normal valley and its elevation is around 4,678 m (15,348 ft.).Naltar valley is outstanding for its excellence and its beautiful lakes. It is the most visiting zone for the explorers crosswise over silk street, KKH( Karakorum Highway) and now CEPC. Individuals said it is the genuine heaven. That is the reason each year in excess of fifty thousand guests came to see its excellence and make the most of their mid-year vacation season. While in the winter season the national skating title hung on the first January to end of February consistently.

It is being said through the antiquated history Naltar valley is the absolute initially found town and origination of Gilgit. The ancient individuals of Gilgit were trackers and Shepherds They lived in Wild zones they utilized meat and Butter as just nourishment to endure. As the time criticized the individuals were created and move toward the urban communities they got the hang of everything about the world until the day that they arrived personality. The Naltar valley is well known for some reasons yet a few reasons I secured are beneath.

During the winters, Naltar offers an awesome encounter of skiing on its well-known inclines that pull in vacationers by the droves. The ski resort is controlled by the Pakistan Air Force, alongside the as of late introduced ski lifts that take skiers to the highest point of the slant.


The ski slope during the summers -Via Dawn


The ski slope during the Winters

Naltar is home to three Beautiful lakes referred to aggregately as the Bashkiri Lakes. Situated a good ways off of 13km from Naltar Bala, it takes about an hour of heading out on unmetalled streets to contact them. Up and down the course, which is an earth track, cold streams can be seen streaming over the verdant valley floor. Because of the adequate vegetation, these are perfect munching grounds, drawing in Gujjar wanderers who travel here with their cows.


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Satrangi Lake :
All things considered, it was difficult to accept that a lake could reflect the same number of hues as this one from having seen only a few pictures. Consistent with its name which means seven shaded, the most noticeable hues were blue, green and shockingly, yellow, The quiet, tranquil water lay still as the submerged plants especially green growth gave more shading from under the unblemished water surface.




Via Dawn


Via Dawn

Pari lake:

The Pari Lake was totally unique, be that as it may. Altogether bigger than the Satrangi lake, this perfect snow-capped lake contained dark blue water sourced from normal springs and cold melts. Drifting on a privately designed buoy, I was educated by the pilot that the water enters the lake from underground and all things considered there is no stream or waterway over the lake which feeds water into it. It was fascinating to see that a campground was built up with various bright tents arranged along the shores of the lake.


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Via dawn


Via Dawn

While the two of these lakes were approachable by jeep, the third one was most certainly not. You need to trek for around 45 minutes to arrive at the third one. Resolved to arrive at it, having heard local people prescribe it over the other two lakes, we soldiered on.

Past the Pari Lake, we began our trek along the mountain, strolling over huge rocks. Following 10 minutes of arranging these stones, you arrived at what gave off an impression of being a gigantic maidan (plain zone).


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Culture And People of Naltar valley:

Naltar is a rich culture and remarkable history. in Naltar there are two towns Naltar Pain and Naltar Bala and two ethnic gatherings communicating in various dialects Includes Shina and Gujjri.the current education pace of Naltar is 94%, contrasted and 45% in Pakistan in Naltar elementary school enrolment is 100% for young men and 89% for young ladies.

Gilgit Baltistan Longest Chairlift:

Naltar Valley is a home of all skiing action in Pakistan. People can not bear the cost of skiing gear as a result of its excess of costly. The ski chairlift has been introduced in 2016 length 1.5 km it’s open now for the Public as well.


The atmosphere in Naltar Valley is moderate during summers. The temperature in July-August arrives at a limit of 22 ° C. On the off chance that you are searching for a much calm summer atmosphere during your days off, invest more energy in Naltar Bala or lakes region since it stays a lot cooler even in summers.

Wild Life:

In the event that you need to see a portion of the exceptionally uncommon wild creatures, you can discover them in the Naltar Valley. The Lovely Park is acclaimed for harboring markhor and snow panther are exist in Naltar Lovely Park. Park is arranged close to ski slant under natural life division.