Pakistan’s Truck Art

Truck art from Pakistan is noted the globe over for its attraction and distinctive sense of inventive style.
Trucks in Pakistan square measure embellished with the paintings everywhere their bodies from native people cognitive content that provides them a Pakistani look rather than a vehicle that was factory-made overseas.
Pakistani truck art is Pakistan’s cultural identity—one scrutinize a truck with inventive beat up it and also the very first thing which might return to your mind would be Pakistan!

In addition to that, art over vehicles is not limited to trucks alone, but is practiced over Auto Rickshaws, Wagons, even Vintage Vespa scooters!

Truck Art Decoration on the Front Side:

Towards the front aspect, the place over the windshield is reserved for religious symbols and texts.

However, the area below the windshield represents any popular couplet relating to the culture of the local area.

Truck Art Decoration on the Sides:

On the edges of the truck, the space is used for marketing purposes as it is painted with the name of the company and city of origin, et cetera.

Art Decoration on the Back of the Truck:

The back of the truck is wherever the catchiest decoration is finished.
This includes large sized paintings of personalities approved of by the truck drivers.
At different times they’ll merely involve colourful photos of animals.
The paintings on the rear additionally keep ever-changing because the general mood of the society changes.
Therefore, the truck drivers additionally keep “updating” their truck art protocols!


The use of multiple color schemes is that the hallmark of Pakistani truck art.
The first issue that your eyes can register whenever you scrutinize a truck painted with truck art is that the whole vary of colours utilized in its decoration.

These colors look very pleasing to the eyes as they are painted with a good choice of color scheme that creates a positive image on the eyes of the onlookers.

To add to the current rainbow of colours is that the colourful lighting and use of little mirrors within thedecorations that create the task complete!

The truck looks as attractive as can possibly be and the person paying for the service is more than happy to have had retrieved high value for his money.

The dazzle of Pakistani truck art has not been restricted to Pakistan alone but.

Many countries have been so impressed by the decorative art that they have chosen to import it to their home countries, all the way from Pakistan.

Pakistani truck art has been foreign to several countries worldwide wherever there square measure admirers of this art that is however common-place in Pakistan.

Truck Art Quotes
Truck art quotes are one of the most attractive feature of this art as they leave their impression on the reader by virtue of their simplistic yet insightful humor.

No truck art would be complete while not the inclusion of quotes as a part of the decoration.
Therefore, that ought to provide onlookers a concept of the importance of quotes as a part of the wholedecoration on a truck.


Many of those quotes square measure thought of as legendary courtesy of the frequency and time since they needbeen used.

The following are some of the innumerable quotes that are painted on trucks to complete their decoration process:

Aadmi Aadmi blow Duss Raha Hai, Aur Samp Khara Huss Raha Hai!

Mera Dil Sirf Teri Hi Mohabbat Kayleay Hai, Magar Yeh Paish Kush Mehdood Muddat Kayleay Hai!
Maan Ki Dua, Janna Ki Hawa, Baap Ki Dua, Chal Beta Truck Chala!
Ghum Na Ker, Mein Vul Asaan
Jaan-E-Ya Ali (AS)
Maalik Ki Gaari, Driver Ka Paseenah, Chalti Hai Road Per Bun Kay Haseenah
Duniya Jalti Rahi, Shahzadi Chalti Rahi
Ugg Lawaan Teri Majbooriyaan Noo!
Rabb Janay Tey Hussain (AS) Janay!
Zidd Na Kar Gujjar Ap Bara Ziddi Eyy
Pak Fauj Ko Salaam
Utton Utton Jhalli Ey, Wichun Changi Bhalli Ey
Titliyan Ras Piti Hain, Bhanwre Badnaam Hote Hain
Aai Hoon Japan Say, Pakistan Mein Meri Shaadi Hui, Taxila Mein Mera Singhaar Hua, Gujjar Khan Say Mujhay Pyaar Hua!
Mujhy Apny Mulk Pakistan Sy Pyar Hai.
Tumhain Chah Nhe Humain Parwah Nhe.
Na Sorat Buri Na Seerat Buri, Bura Vo Jiski Niyat Buri.

Quotes like these leave a smile on drivers following a truck en-route to a different town.

Many people are eager to read these quotes and explore the creativity of the poets who come up with them! Some are even interested in memorizing them for the sake of entertaining others with their light humor.

These quotes square measure vastly widespread throughout Pakistan for the interest and a focus that they produce.
Whenever any rider passes by these trucks, his initial act is to appear for and skim the quotes written on them.

Costs and Maintenance of Truck Art From Pakistan:

Truck art nowadays in Asian country will price the maximum amount as PKR three hundred,000~500,000!
That is a large quantity to get hold of the decoration of a truck from bumper to bumper.
However, several truck drivers pay that cash while not argument as long as they get an exquisite|a good looking|} looking look for his or her truck in exchange.
The need permanently finances for truck art admirers doesn’t finish here.
This is as a result of the truck art should be redone each 5 [5] years if the driver desires to stay his truck wantingstunning and glossy replete with

truck art designs.

This is by no means an easy thing for a truck driver to do who has only a modest income to support him and his family. The savings he makes for himself are even less relative to the size of his total income.
However, this doesn’t stop truck drivers from obtaining their trucks painted with Pakistani truck art in order that they will maintain a “high-status” on the highways!
They look for other means to fulfil the gap between the savings and the cost by say, taking a loan or selling precious items.
Pakistani Truck Art Styles, Types and Designs:
The paintings inscribed on trucks in Asian country square measure all terribly colourful and inventive, and appearance sort of a truck has been imprinted with them even as styles square measure imprinted on bedsheets
in the textile sector.
There square measure paintings of butterflies, eagles, celebrities, landmarks, so on and so forth that decorate the trucks of Pakistan.
There is a range within the manner that creative styles square measure painted over trucks in Asian country.
Although they will ostensibly look acquainted, but a closer look reveals the differences between either forms.

Digging deeper into the roots, it may be observed that every province in Islamic Republic of Pakistan has its one distinctiveform of painting trucks..

This is as a result of this is often Associate in Nursing art that’s done nationwide in each province of the country and thus every of the provinces has developed its own vogue and
taste of executing it.
The different variants of Pakistani truck art paintings depend upon variety of things.
One is that the space to that the driver belongs and also the second is his caste.
Both of those factors replicate within the art painted on the truck owned by any person.
Every truck owner would really like his native tradition to be flashed within the style of a painting on his truck.

For instance if the truck is closely-held by a private from metropolis then he would love things native to metropolisdisplayed on that like the pass, so on

and so forth.
Also, caste of the driver also has an impact in the sense that if a driver is Pathan then he would like celebrities such as Shahid Khan Afridi, A Q
Khan, Ayub Khan or alternative Pashtun celebrities to be painted on his truck.
Trucks Painted in Baluchistan province and also the KPK province square measure adorned with trimmings of wood.
On the opposite hand, those painted in geographic area use plastic work for ornamentation.

As against that, the trucks painted in Sindh square measure far-famed for the artiodactyl bone work they use to depict over trucks.

So there’s an entire style of Asian countryi truck art that exists in Pakistan.
Another identifying feature of the paintings square measure the colours and magnificence of painting over the trucks.
The kind of paintings themselves square measure those that square measure native to the region wherever the truck was painted.
Therefore, on highways in Asian country, you’d be able to see illustration of all the provinces as truckers move from one town to a different transporting merchandise to create a living.


  1. Wow No Doubt Pakistan’s truck Arts Is Famous In teh Whole World. I Have never Seen A truck In Pakistan With Out Art. Even It Look Nice To See These Truck Runing On Raod.