Punjab govt decides to arrest Sheikh Rasheed


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The geographic area government has set to arrest Chief of Awami Muslim League (AML) sheik Rasheed Ahmed once he declared to close up metropolis on New Style calendar month twenty eight (Friday), sources same.
While addressing a gaggle discussion in capital of Pakistan on Th, sheik Rasheed same that metropolis square measure clean up on Fri still as on All Souls’ Day.
“On All Souls’ Day, municipality unit closed down despite what anyone will,” sheik Rasheed same.
Sheikh Rasheed’s discussion followed a pair of consecutive notifications by capital of Pakistan and metropolis administrations, imposing Section 100 and forty four in geographical area previous All Souls’ Day protest.
“I can tear Section one hundred and forty four into one hundred and forty four things,” SheikhRasheed same.
Meanwhile, capital of Pakistan Police stormed PTI’s Youth Convention Ceremony among the FederalCapital and inactive uncountable party activists.
Talking to media, the PTI chair monarch Mehmood Qureshi alleged that the federalgovernment had inactive several PTI workers and police tortured the female workers of the party still.
“Hundreds of PTI employees were inactive and feminine employees were tortured by the police,” monarch Mehmood Qureshi aforementioned.
The PTI chair same that peaceful protest was our constitutional right. “We did not violate Rules and laws. Police crushing is also a real face of PML-N,” he said.


  1. This is totaly unfaird and dactatorship. Pmln shame on you what are you tryieng to prove. This is not a democracy. A democratic countries never do these acts that sitting gove does today. Women deserves respect and in the whole world respects the women. Today its proved that its an ordered of King Nawaz sharif in his kingdom. But just and wait till 2, No…..we are commoing……

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