The Ratti Gali Lake is a snow capped frigid lake which is situated in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan at the elevation of 12,130 feet (3,700 m). The lake is nourished by the encompassing ice sheet waters of the mountains. The lake is open from Dowarian by an unmetalled 19 kilometers (12 mi) street cum climbing trek through stunning locales. Dowarian is the base camp to this lake.

Ratti Gali Lake is a high height (3700m) elevated lake arranged in Neelum valley of Pakistan. In the mid year season, the entire region around this hypnotizing lake turns into a spot of rich green knolls, wild and great blossoms and brilliant high ranches despite the fact that in winter this valley is secured with white snow and monstrous pieces of Glacier skims oblivious blue enchanted water of Ratti Gali Lake like vast swans. In winters lakes stays solidified from November-April. Dusks ans dawn over Ratti Gali lake are the most astounding ones.


Ratti Gali Lake is available from both Dawarian and Noori top, yet Dawarian side is generally preffered since it is simple. One can utilize open Transport to achieve Dawarian from Muzaffarabad and get a jeep from that point for Ratti Gali Lake.Two hour jeep travel closes at campground from where it is right around one and a hald hour trek to lake. Best arrangement is leave right on time from Dawarian and invest more energy in lake and after that camp at campground. Stays open from July-October; August is the greatest month to witness the endless types of wild blooms.

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