The Rohtas Fort, Jhelum


Rohtas Fort, or Qila Rohtas because the natives decision it, could be a garrison fort with nice historical price. it’s placed in Pakistan’s most inhabited province, Punjab, on the GT road. it’s at a distance of roughly eight klick from the town Dina in district Jhelum. The Afghan king, Farid Khan, additional normally referred to as Sher Shah Suri, had Todar Mal build this fort within thesixteenth century.

Farid Khan is that the founding father of the Suri Empire. The circumference of the fort is four klick. Its construction took asseveral as eight years for completion. Meanwhile, Sher Shah Suri died on twenty two could 1545 throughout the beleagueringof Kalinjar Fort thanks to a hearth erupted in results of a explosive explosion in his store space.

The fort with its distinct art form, massiveness and historical significance is noncommissioned as UN agency World Heritageweb site in 1997 A.D.

The Mughal Emperor, Humayun, had fled from Asian country along side his family, once Sher Shah Suri took over the empire. However, Humayun still display a threat to Suri. one amongst the explanations why Suri had the fort designed was to suppress Potohar, the native tribes of the world.

They were terribly loyal to Humayun. The Gakhars weren’t native of the region. they’d helped king Humayun and his family to run from Asian country once the battle of Kanauj. so on reward them, Humayun assisted Gakhars in occupying Potohar, thatwas in hand by the native tribes. though these tribes were supporters of the Mughal Emperor Babur, they refused to swear allegiance to Humayun, as a results of he had helped the Gakhars against them.

They allied with Suri United Nations agency ordered them to fight and crush the Gakhars and take over their lands. The Rohtas Fort was designed for the aim of crushing the Gakhars.Ironically, the Afghans were eventually defeated then, the fort came into the hands of the Gakhars.

The Afghans lost the support from the locals of Northern geographic area consequently. Humayun captured the fort in 1555. Ranjit Singh, the Singh Badshah, captured the Qila Rohtas in 1825. He used the fort for body functions.

Construction methodology
Todar Mal Khatri start working on Qila  Rohtas  in 1541. Gakhars refused to help with the event and attacked the laborersthroughout the event half. because of the opposition by the Gakhars, the fort price much more than it need to have.

Shahi mosque
This is atiny low mosque getting ready to the Kabuli gate. Moslem verses unit written on the outer wall of the mosque with lovelystyle. Plaster to boot has been used in Shahi mosque. It to boot options a three equal prayer chamber with the height ofnineteen.2 meter and 7.3 meter deep.
Rani Mehal
Rani Mehel is about getting ready to the Haveli Man Singh. it’s basically not the primary a 1/2 fort, it originally had four rooms. the height ofthe house is concerning twenty feet and dome is adorned style of a flower.

Fortification Wall
The outer wall’s height varies between 10 and eighteen meters and thickness varies between 10 and 13 meters. This wall has a pair of or three terraces that unit connected by staircases. The wall is made with sedimentary rock, stone and mortar. The gates unit stone masonry:

Sohail Gate
The gate is named once Saint Sohail Bokhari. it is a double gate. it’s seventy foot high, sixty eight foot wide and fifty foot deep. The entryway has associate inner and outer arch, and is adorned with sunflower motifs. On either side of the entryway,there’s a balcony. The balconies each have a dome.

Shah Chandwali Gate
This gate connects the foremost fort to the defensive structure. The gate is named once crowned head Chandwali, a saint United Nations agencyworked on the gate and refused his wages for his services.

Kabuli Gate
This gate faces urban center, so its name. Kabuli gate may well be a double gate with a pair of bastions on either side. To the South of this gate is that the notable Shahi mosque.

Shishi Gate
Beautiful, blue, glazed tiles beautify the outer arch of the gate, so its name. A Persian inscription is on the side of the gate that provides the event date of the fort.

Langar Khani Gate
This is another double gate that’s fifty foot high and eleven.5 ft wide. The outer side opens into the canteen, that’s nativelyreferred to because the “Langar Khana”.

Talaqi Gate
On either side of the gate unit a pair of bastions. This gate is fifteen meter tall and 13.8 meter broad.

Khwas Khani Gate
Suri’s greatest general, Khwas Khan, earned the respect of obtaining the gate named once him. On either side of the gate may well be a defensive wall and bastion. The outer gate is twelve.8 meter wide and eight meter deep.

Gatali Gate
This is one gate. The gate is therefore named as a results of it faces the village Gatiyalian that as necessary place in crossing Jhelum stream for geographical house.

Mori Gate
This gate faces geographic area and opens cardinal direction. The gate opens into a chamber that leads into another one.

Pipalwala Gate
This is a 2 m wide little entrance to the Qila Rohtas.

Sar Gate
This gate is called Sar as a results of it suggests that water.  it’s another tinyentrance into the fort.

The places inside the fort, that may hold specific interest for all folks that unit visiting Qila Rohtas, house unit listed below:

Haveli Man Singh
Phansi stairs
The deposit getting ready to Sohail Gate
Rani Mahal
Royal mosque
Talaqi, Shishi and Langar Khana gates
Visitor knowledge are going to be gained from the Sohaili Gate. there is the Suri Park shut that you will be during a position to to boot visit to possesssome rest or a picnic. within the section of the Rohtas Fort, there unit form of restaurants merely|that you just} simply may noticefascinating.

Al-Kausar building is getting ready to Dina towards capital of Asian country.
Al-Bilal building is getting ready to Dina towards municipality.
Iqbal building getting ready to Dina towards capital of Asian country.

It is placed getting ready to the very beautiful and interesting city Jhelum, nearly sixteen metric long measure purpose of Jhelum and 7 metric long measure from Dina. Rohtas Fort is that the most popular someone attractions inside the Jhelum house. The fort was basically created on mound where the Khan stream and Parnal Khas meet and switch towards Tila Jogian.

How to Visit Rohtas Fort

Fort is almost seven metric long measure removed from Dina and sixteen metric long measure from Jhelum. If you are returning from Islamabad merely takes Grand trunk road that comes on to Dina, nearly 100 thirty metric long measure removed from Islamabad.

If you are movement from town ought to hand-picked G.T road merely past Gujranwala, Wazirabad, Sarai Almagir and thus the Jhelum city. the gap from town to Jhelum city is almost 100 and eighty metric long measure. As we have a tendency to tend to mentioned that Rohtas Fort is solely sixteen metric long measure removed from Jhelum.

Parking facility is to boot offered in Rohtas Fort.

Location Map


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