Saifullah Lake- Kalam

Saifullah Lake
jheel Saifullah

Swat Valley is full of lakes set within the middle of most of the mountains.
Some places on earth are therefore splendidly and stunningly designed by the hands of Mother Nature that one finds it onerous to explain the sweetness and serenity of the realm in written words. To expertise actuality and real fantastic thing about these areas, it becomes binding to go to the realm and explore the individuality and beauty in person. what is more there are many classes of individuals and every one of them have their own standards and parameters of beauty because it is competently aforementioned, “beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder”. on behalf of me it’s the most effective place within the world to flee from the routine feverish and busy life and pay some moments within the lap of pure and serene Mother Nature although some folks could think about it madness or lunacy to depart the comforts and facilities of home and suffer, although typically, the bitterness of nature. Anyway, allow us to make a move into the domains of fairies wherever verdure conjures up you, streams sing for you, cool gusts of wind caresses you and move its invisible fingers through your hair.

Lake Saifullah


The little villages that are dissipated in the mountains and the roaring smoke that spirals into the sky from the houses are a few, which lives in the memory for eternity. Swat River, which is brought into the world here, is shackled by the tall mountains, which has transformed its water into a thundering beast attempting to discharge itself from its chains, however there are a few spots where the stream is quiet and quiet without giving any indication of defiance. In the wake of driving for around four to five hours from the immense valley of Kalam, you will enter the great and dynamite valley of Mahodand where the little lakes, transcending trees and rambling fields welcome you. Some transitory cafés and lodgings have been built by local people, which give basic offices of sustenance and settlement. They likewise give drifting offices in the lakes.


Saifullah Lake, which lies in the North of Kalam and Mahudand Lake, is well known among nature sweethearts, and dreamers yet additionally the colorful trout fish trackers. The valley can be gotten to through an un-metalled street from Kalam in a four by four (4×4) vehicle which finishes in Mahudand Lake. The street is rough and precarious however the encompassing scenes charms you so seriously that you wish for more and hope to find new displays. From Mahudand a track up to most extreme one hour is prompting Saifullah Lake. This Lake appears to be like Mahudand Lake yet both have contrast in claim excellence. There is additionally a major thundering cascade close to the Saifullah Lake which acquires freshness air with vapors spread noticeable all around.

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