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Shandur Pass polo

Shandur Polo Festival is one of the most out of control and most established polo festival play on the planet.This festival is held from 7 to 9 July every year  Shandur Festival occur each mid year on the world’s most highest polo ground Shandur.



Shandur Pass is a high mountain go at a altitude of 3.700m (12,200ft) over the ocean level, situated in Chitral, Pakistan. The way to the pass is extraordinary. Anticipate an unpleasant rock Road and driving only in 1st and 2nd gear. Steep trips/drops with limited clips in one of the most excellent, however detached and tough scenes on Earth.


Shandur Pass


Shandur Polo Ground is at Shandur Pass which is situated in the midst of Ghizer region of Gilgit-Baltistan in the North West and Chitral District. It is a typical common go between these areas. Shandur is a level and is additionally an outskirt between the area of Khyber Pakhtonkhowa and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Initial polo was played in Shandur was In 1936. As far back as it has become the best polo ground of whole North Region of Pakistan. Shandur polo ground is roughly 155 kms from the Chitral Town and around 200 kms from Gilgit City.

Shandur Festival is amazingly unique in relation to some other game celebrations around the globe. The height of this incredible polo ground is around 3,743 m over the ocean level. The introduction of this ground is likewise a mind boggling story of neighborhood astuteness. Shandur polo celebration draws in numerous sightseers from around the globe. Matches are played between various groups of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral yet the last match is a challenge between Gilgit Team and Chitral Team. These groups have been equals in this game since hundreds of years.



Shandur Polo ground is arranged at a most significant level 3800m called as the “Top of the World” and the King Game has been held yearly since 1936.

The polo competition is highlighted in the main scene of Himalaya with Michael Palin which have constantly played the sport of polo nearest to its unique structure.

Before, the British Rulers were the supporters of the game.

Shandur Pass is one of the significant mountain goes among Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan.

As indicated by the historical backdrop of Chitral, Shandur is the property of the imperial group of Mastuj Chitral, and because of proprietorship issue the polo was disbanded among Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Free-styled mountain polo is apparently polo in its most flawless structure.

This version of the game played at Shandur-Top has accomplished amazing status and is of incredible enthusiasm to global and household experience vacationers the same. There are no umpires and there are no-nonsense.

The celebration, being sorted out by the TCKP and organization of Chitral area, pulls in a huge number of outside and household vacationers, aficionados of “Lord of games and round of rulers” – polo – to watch the interesting matches between the clubs of Chitral and Gilgit baltistan.

The TCKP has made all courses of action to hold the celebration in a befitting way to draw in residential and remote voyagers to the picturesque area and customary game in huge numbers.

Slows down have been built up to feature and advance the works of art of Chitral and Gilgit neighborhood craftsmen and talented individuals. Boating in Shandur lake, paragliding, arrow based weaponry, firecrackers and kite flying would be different highlights of the occasion to pull in local and remote voyagers in extraordinary numbers.

Chitral is the most quiet district and it pulls in a large number of household and worldwide visitors every year, particularly during the Shandur and Kalash celebrations.


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