Sheesh Mahal


The far-famed Sheesh Mahal is additionally known as Palace of Mirrors and is found within the north-east corner of the Lahorefort (Shahi Qilla). this can be the foremost lovely palace within the Royal fort and is embellished with little mirrors of variouscolors set.

Sheesh Mahal was made by Emperor in 1631. this can be the luxurious place of resort notably throughout summer months with rest rooms of an extended hall at its either finish, gap on to the brightly dazzling gallery that appears at the marble made-upquadrangle with a fountain within the middle facet.

The mirror reflects the celebs and also the bedrooms presents, in its ceiling, the panorama of a star lit Sky. the outside wall of the Sheesh Mahal presents the gorgeous mosaic paintings that depict everyday sport of the Mughal princes for the enjoyment of the people that accustomed gather below the fort not solely to own a read of the emperor sitting within the Jharokha,however additionally to admire the brilliance of colors on the wall.

Here one will observe the good art of that point within the style of pace horses, hunchbacked camels, elephant ride, searchingscene, animal fights, horse man plying polo, artiodactyl fights, figures of angels, demon head sand moving clouds, horse and elephant riders crossing Swords and verities of floral and geometrical styles. From Sheesh Mahal, one will have an impressiveread of the Badshahi house of worship designed by Aurangzeb and also the Minar-e-Pakistan. At night, this read is actuallygorgeous.

A major scene of associate Indian motion picture “Mughal-e-Azam” (Grand Mughal) was additionally taken within the set of Sheesh Mahal. thanks to some conflict between the Asian country and Pakistan|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} the authorities didn’t this “Mughal-e-Azam” wasn’t shown in Pakistan. The trend of mirror decoration remains running within theAsian nation. Ceilings and walls ar embellished with colourful mirrors during this country. presently this trend may even beseen within the general stores and bakeries etc. to draw in the consumers. Most of the marriage halls are embellished withhuge and little mirrors. These ar specially designed wedding halls that increase the worth of these events.

Not solely the overall stores, bakeries and weddings hall this trend is high within the house creating. Some peoples use mirrorsto embellish their homes and sleeping rooms. with none doubt we tend to may say that these inspirations came from the gorgeous Sheesh Mahal of Mughal era.

Now it had been not during a} excellent condition and its roof was very almost collapse however Government and nativeauthorities try to revive it. The staff ar repairing this Palace of mirrors.

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  1. Govt Of Pakistan Must Take care Of this Place And Take necessry Actions To Maintain The Buliding Of Sheesh Mahal Its Our heritage And We Must Take Care of It