The popularity of ‘modest’ fashion after ‘semi-nude’

Leading models presented costumes at fashion shows

For the past few years, where there has been talk of gender discrimination, color, race, beliefs and religion being discriminated against all over the world. There have also been many clear changes in the world of clothing and fashion.

Modest fashion was held for the first time in Australia

Globally, hatred has been seen against Islamic-style clothing that covers the hijab, veil, and body, and some countries have even banned such clothing.

Not only this, the popularity of the fashion industry has also increased in popularity and many national brands have not only created the perfect hijab design, but are also introducing full-body clothing in the world fashion.

In modest fashion, loose clothing is introduced

The fashion world has been dominated by ‘semi-nude’ clothing and fashion for many years, but now ‘Modest Fashion’ is gaining popularity worldwide, which is estimated to be the first ‘Modest Fashion Show’ in Melbourne, Australia. Can be applied to.

According to The Guardian, major brands from Modest Fashion Show Man Australia in Melbourne showcase their stunning costumes.

In many countries such a fashion week is also known as Islamic Fashion Week

‘Modest Fashion Show’ is actually a fashion show in which Islamic style dresses are fully covered, including loose clothing.

میلبورن میں ہونے والے فیشن ویک میں مختلف برانڈز نے مصنوعات پیش کیں

Prior to Melbourne, such shows have been held in a few major cities in Europe and will be holding such a fashion show in the US for the first time by the end of this month.

Women who visit the fashion show also appear in full dress

Although these fashion shows have been named ‘Modest Fashion Show’, in the Middle East and other Muslim populated countries, these fashion shows are known as ‘Muslim Fashion Show’.

Models that offer full body cover will also look happy