These are real restaurant pictures, not paper sketches!

Everything in this restaurant is designed in such a way that it looks like a sketch on paper.

Tokyo: If you think these are handmade sketches, you are mistaken because these are real photos of a real restaurant in the Japanese capital Tokyo.

The walls, floors, tables, chairs and utensils in this restaurant are designed in such a way that they look like paper sketches when viewed from any angle.

Opening in the Tokyo area of ​​Shin Obiuko, the restaurant “ToDo Cafe” (2D Cafe) has been the focus of tourists, especially its visitors, and its images have also gone viral on social media.

Although it is not the first restaurant of its kind in the world, it is clearly influenced by the design of “Cafe Yi Onam Dong”, which has been operating in Seoul, the capital of South Korea for the past one year. Even so, many places in Japan’s “ToDo Cafe” show unusual resemblance to the aforementioned South Korean restaurant.

By the way, this restaurant is certainly a fascinating place for those interested in food as well as spectacular landscapes.